New Arrivals

Dear new arrivals,

Please take your time at the first day, rest from your traveling, watch to get an idea of our daily rhythm ….

Some times we have a lot of volunteers, some times none and we have to get to know each other a little to fit you in, find the best chores for you

Any questions, problems, pleae speak with Da Da. She is nearly always at home or close by. She is my sister-in-law. She will look after you. You can assist her by looking after her son Eh Doh Doh.

What to help with:
  • wash dishes (this is always a problem with so many people and we are very thankful for your help)
  • walk the dogs with the children after school (and later when they know you, on your own in the morning)
  • take a broom and clean the public areas
  • keep the areas that you use clean and tidy, incl. the corridor in front of your room
  • wash the bathroom that you use with water, the floor is uneven and  dirt always collects in certain places
  • depending on what we cook: help cutting vegetables, peeling etc
In Burmese culture, it is impolite to let guests help, so please tell Da Da, that you want to learn how they cook and you can always watch through the window
  • There are lots more things to do, take your time to understand, a Burmese household will probably look a bit chaotic at first and just do it

I am very busy in the moment. I am setting up a new healthcare project, so I am not at home to instruct you myself. I have lots of meetings, I am writing material and already see some patients. One of the kids will show around town on the weekend, that you can find your way. You can always take one of our bicycles.

Our village has 2 main shops where you can get almost everything: The “Burmese Shop” at the road, on the left side, if you look from our house. And at the other end of the village the “factory shop”. You can also get phone cards in these shops for Thai phones. In case you crave Western food, snacks : The 7eleven on the highway. Take a bicycle.
There is a nice coffee shop with cakes and Wifi on the highway. Turn left and cycle direction to the border. It is called wake up. It opens 1 – 5.30 pm. In case the owner isn't there yet, wait a while or call her (phonenumber is on the sign). The Wifi is on, the password is Wakeup2004 (maybe it is 2003?)
On the Highway is a big Tesco with shopping Mall.


I made free e-cards to send to your friends. Go and have a look here:
All photos are by me. 

We are now a US registered Non-Profit and have paypal and an US bank account. This should make international donations easier.
Please help us and donate!

We also have a new website with additional infos about the project in general:

People from these countries had a look at this blog last month:

Family Cookbook

Dear friends,
I am proud to announce that I finished today my very first book! The book contains very nice and fast recipes, our kid's favorites. If you volunteered with us, you will know some of the dishes. They are Gluten-free! Lots of vegetarian dishes and some are also low-protein.